Commissioned Portraits
Pricing starts at $600 (as with the examples shown).
For larger canvases or specific additions to the painting, prices will vary accordingly.
A head or head and shoulder portrait, as with examples shown, will be scheduled at my studio. The sitting time will be somewhere in the span of 3-4 hours with breaks throughout.
The painting is to be completed on a 12"x16" canvas and either taken home by you the sitter or kept for minor refinement and to dry sufficiently.
My direct approach uses painterly brushwork to often suggest details rather than render out every aspect. For me the contrast of loose brushwork and specific areas of refinement is what painting is all about. I also understand one of my jobs as a painter is to fufill the clients wishes and can appreciate individual needs.
The sitting will take place in a relaxed enviroment where we'll make sure you're comfortable and at ease. Although working from life is preferred, I can also work from photos. These I would take myself unless under special circumstances where its impossible to have time with the client in person.
I understand there are plenty of questions you may have about the process, so feel free to email me and ask about anything at all. I look forward to hearing from you.
Contact the Artist to Schedule a Sitting